Basic Voting Procedure

Basic Voting Procedure


Alabama polling places are open from 7 am to 7 pm.


  1. Voters must provide an acceptable form of identification. Some acceptable IDs are: Government or employer issued photo ID, and other photo ID. See handbook below. Voters name must appear on the list of registered voters for that precinct.
  2. Voter signs poll list. *
  3. Voter cast his/her vote.

* Any voter who needs assistance is entitled under the law to that assistance. The voter may ask anyone except his employer or a union rep for assistance. A poll worker may assist the voter upon request.

According to a recent Harris Poll 29 % of the people responding said they wouldn't be voting because THEY COULD NOT GET ACCESSIBLE TRANSPORTATION TO THE POLLS! Can you give somebody a ride to the polls?

Valid ID at the Polls

Alabama Photo Voter ID Guide